About Me

Growing up on a council estate we were relatively poor, my father was the breadwinner of the house, with my mother looking after us at home. He worked long hours in a minimum wage job. We never really had money and we were used to making do with what we had, but we were happy and healthy in a loving household.

Me and my brother shared Christmas presents and sometimes wore matching outfits. We lived a very frugal life, saving money with batch cooking and making meals out of leftovers. We were fortunate to have school meals paid for and whilst I was at school we had help with uniforms.

Fast-forward a few years I worked hard to get my GCSEs and A-Levels to have the opportunity to be the first person in our family to go to University. I was thrilled to get the grades required to go to The University of Leeds to study Law. I took a loan out and eventually went on to gain a masters at the University of Nottingham and the following year I completed the Legal Practice Course, the first stage of solicitor training, self-funded. Despite my academic achievements, applying my degree and getting a job in law was extremely difficult. I had no family connections or real world experience. I applied to over 50 placements and completed unpaid work experience to get on the career ladder, however it just didn’t click. The competition was immense. It hit me in 2014 when I was living back at home with my parents, back to square one, this time with masses of debt, an overdraft, and credit cards. I was in a desperate situation with seemingly no way out.

I have always had a job since leaving University and I was eventually lucky enough to land a temp position at the NHS which has since led to working full time in a legal department with a decent salary. The debt was reducing slowly but the rat race is unforgiving and life continued, stuck in the continuous cycle of borrowing and paying back. In 2014, I met my wife. I was 29 at the time and we were soon expecting our first child together. Life was great, but my finances were still a mess. Alongside the debt I previously had I now had to consider moving out of my parent’s house into our family home with all the associated bills and rent. Previously I had only paid board. I desperately needed a second income to support my job if this was going to work. I discovered eBay reselling through my father and discovered the YouTube community. This started the ball rolling.

Fast forward to 2021. I am now 35, married with three children and my debt has reduced significantly. eBay and my various side hustles have grown into an additional full time income which have paid for our wedding outright, kept the bills at bay, and have enabled us to go on fantastic holidays abroad and save for our first house. My store now generates over 30k in sales per year (of which I currently pay myself a third), selling anything from clothing to everyday household items. I also dabble in matched betting (due to the majority of my accounts now being gubbed), sell items on Amazon and I blog part-time.

I have gained a number of thrifty tips and tricks along the way and I am addicted to finding bargains and making money with various side hustles and businesses. My life completely turned around through necessity and hard work my family are my motivation to continue on. I am passionate about helping others who are in a similar situation to me in 2014 – YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

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